Margaret Aherne


Editorial Training

Copy-Editing Training


This two-day course covers:


       o  what is copy-editing, and why is it so important?

       o  the role of the copy-editor in the publishing process,

                 whether in traditional book publishing or in your own


       o  mark-up and coding, on paper and on screen

       o  house style – following the client’s style requirements and

                 creating your own style sheet

       o  appropriate language and content for the reader

       o  rewriting and grammar

       o  revised editions

       o  complex technical texts

       o  legal issues: libel and copyright


‘Welcome to Copy-editing’ can be taken on its own as a one-day introductory course, if desired.


Welcome to Copy-editing / Further Copy-editing



What distracts you when you read? Have you ever been irritated by any of the following?


      o incorrect spelling

      o bad grammar

      o ambiguity and unclear meaning

      o inconsistency in the use of such items as capitals, hyphens,

             italic/bold type

      o anything left unexplained, such as abbreviations

      o factual errors

      o ‘howlers’ – poor writing with unintentionally humorous results!


The copy-editor’s job is to tidy up and resolve all these problems. The aim is to produce a text that is


      o clear in its message

      o consistent in its presentation

      o complete, with all queries resolved.


Whatever your business, and whatever publications you produce, you owe it to your readers to have those publications thoroughly copy-edited.




What is copy-editing, and why is it needed?